This project will commence within the main discipline of Social Science and Education (Teacher Training) and progressively filter down to a multi discipline approach as a result of the scope of trainees and their own disciplines within the college.

Education: Teacher trainees will work on skills relating to media literacy and ICT, i.e. copyrights, changing image and video formats, creating codes. Learning and innovation skills such as critical thinking and problem solving behind information literacies (search, locate, access and critically evaluate web sources).This will be in addition to digital communication and collaboration. These skills will demonstrate the trainee’s ability to meet with all aspects of the LLUK professional standards.

The scope of the multi-disciplinary approach facilitated by the trainees is anticipated as Social Sciences such as Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism. STEM subjects such as Biological sciences, Geography, Earth and Environmental sciences. Health and Social Care including Veterinary Medicine. Arts and Humanities, more specifically Cinematic and Photography. This multi-disciplinary approach is due to the nature of this land and sports based college and the current number of trainees which are also academic staff at the college.

The HE/FE learners digital literacy skills covered within this multi-discipline approach are anticipated as

  • Media and Technology – Information literacy, media literacy and ICT
  • Learning and Innovation – Critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration
  • Life and Career – Flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self-direction, social and online presence for creating content, productivity and accountability.

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