Only two weeks to go before the 14 week programme

So, the course is now full, I have 15 ‘trainee’ teacher representatives and one assistant principle from various curriculum areas around the college. This includes Animal  Studies, Farriery, Inclusive Learning, Sport and Leisure, Sports Turf, Teacher Education and Vet Nursing. I am now very excited about the potential impact this project can have on the digital literacy skills of the trainee teachers and their students alike.

I have nearly completed my scheme of work as you can see below.Image

I have had to make a few amendments to the delivery due to the diverse technical abilities of the ‘cohort’ so I am going to start with a few fundamentals of ICT before we start creating and developing content with Xerte. I really do have to improve some digital literacies of staff before engaging with this specialist software.

Terry McAndrew from the HEA suggested that students should be afforded the right to share their views on this learning via a forum and suggested a few questions which might facilitate this:

What are good examples of students using digital means to develop and express their academic understanding?

What are good examples of research and teaching staff integrating digital know-how into their scholarly activities?

What useful ways have we found of defining subject-specific digital identities (perhaps in relation to research and scholarship as well as teaching/learning)?

How are subject communities sharing methods, insights and experiences, within and across community boundaries?’

I am hoping to embed this within the initial 14 week course, so that the trainee teachers can share their views. I believe at this point I will use the forums provided on Moodle, which I will create and link to the project area. After the 14 week period, it is hoped that these questions will be put to the learners within each curriculum area, although they may have to be differentiated carefully so that similar responses are achieved at all levels.


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